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360 Fix

Group 0+/1 (0 to 18 kg)

Group 0+/1 car seat with 360º rotation. Guarantees your baby's safety and comfort facing both directions. As a Group 0+ chair, it faces backwards from birth up to 18 kg, and as a Group 1 chair from 9 to 18 kg, it faces the direction of travel. Its unique swivel system makes it easy to position the child because the chair turns in the direction of the vehicle door.

The multi-position seat guarantees maximum comfort during the journey. It also includes a reducer with a safe and comfortable design for the new baby. Very easy to use, installed with Isofix system and supportleg, guaranteeing the anchoring to the seat of the vehicle. Guaranteed 360º protection: front, side, rear and overturn. 

264,00 €

More information Weight and measurements


High: 725 mm
Width: 440 mm


Weight: 10.4 kg


  • Extensible sun protective visor.
    Extensible sun protective visor.
  • Multiposition headrest.
    Cabezal multiposiciones.
  • Adjustable harness synchronised with the headrest position.
    Adjustable harness synchronised with the headrest position.
  • Extendible Isofix included.
    Extendible Isofix included.
  • 360º rotating system.
    360º rotating system.
    Multi-position seat. 360º rotating system. Facing forwards and backwards. Supportleg included in the purchase.