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Grupo 0+ 1/2 (0 a 25 kg)

Child restraint system for Group 0+ I - II. Officially approved under regulation R44/04, from 25 to 36 kg. Reclinable, very comfortable all-enveloping seat, with high side protection coefficient.5-point harness for Group 0+ and I. Size adapter for Group 0+.

135,00 €
85,50 €

More information Weight and measurements

Weight: 2,4 Kg
Silla de coche
Length: 435 mm
High: 635 mm
Width: 485 mm


  • Scout G. 0+ position
    G. 0+ position
  • Scout 5-point safety harness
    5-point safety harness with central adjuster strap for G. 0+ and I
  • Scout Two positions G. I-II
    Two positions G. I-II

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