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Two Fix

Group 2/3 (15 to 36 Kg)

Group 2-3 booster seat with backrest for use from 15 Kg (approx. 3 years) up to 36 Kg (approx. 10 years). Includes adjustable Isofix fittings so that the chair is always fixed to the car seat, making it easy to use and improving comfort and safety. Lightweight and easy to use and carry. It has armrests and a backrest with an adjustable angle, as well as extra stuffing in the seat to give your child total comfort on all types of trips. Guaranteed 360º protection: front, side, rear and overturn. 

149,00 €
134,10 €

More information Weight and measurements

Silla de coche
Length: 460 mm


Width: 460 mm
High: 670 mm


Weight: 4,8 Kg


  • Conectores Isofix extensibles regulables.
    Extendable adjustable Isofix fittings.
  • Pasacinturones
    Seat belt guide.
  • Cabezal multiposiciones
    Multiposition headrest.