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ELISAVA, Barcelona's renowned School of Design and Engineering, and CASUALPLAY have been working together since 2007, and are committed to universities and businesses sharing knowledge and innovation, in a perfect combination of research and the practical experience of the students on the Master's degree course in Product Development.



CASUALPLAY works with the National Association of Child Safety on the training plan for child restraint systems for midwives in various hospitals. Standards, advantages, common mistakes, effective solutions, advice on the correct use and guidelines to minimize the risk of injury and ensure maximum safety for children when traveling by car.



The CASUALPLAY quality policy states that all its products are subjected to testing at a higher threshold than those established by European standards. It therefore conducts its tests on the premises of Autoliv, the world leader in car safety, and a pioneer in all airbag systems, child restraint systems and safety belts.



CASUALPLAY is a member of ASEPRI, the Spanish Association of Children's Product Manufacturers, which aims to defend the general and shared interests of companies in the industry. It does so by promoting domestic and foreign trade, developing products and services, and conducting studies of interest to members, among other initiatives.


Casualplay works with the maternal and paediatric department at Granollers Hospital in various areas of awareness-raising for improved babycare.



CASUALPLAY is a member of the Probebé Association, which aims to promote and enhance the childcare sector, and of its Foundation, which does charity work for children's welfare.


Casualplay believes that it is essential to highlight and raise awareness of the importance of using child restraint systems properly. That is why we provide training - in video report format in this case.


The fabrics that touch your baby's skin must meet certain requirements to ensure quality and comfort. At Casualplay, we use fabrics that comply with the Oeko-Tex Standard 100, so that your child's skin is not damaged or harmed by the fabric in our products.
We work with AITEX to make sure they are suitable.


Casualplay tests its products at AIJU, the first and only accredited laboratory in Spain for testing pushchairs. Assessing the safety of the product during its useful life is crucial. During these tests, we check on everything from dimensional parameters (the backrest angle, dimensions to avoid fingers getting trapped, etc.) to stability tests, the braking mechanism, and the locking and resistance mechanisms, among others.


The Maria Raventós Foundation is a non-profit social and educational action organization that has been working with disadvantaged single mothers and expectant mothers for over 60 years, to which Casualplay donates pushchairs.